Snow cheese mousse


Easy Acti Fresh Moist Cake 500 g
Water 100 g
Egg 350 g
Salad Oil 100 g
Liquid-bos 100 g
Cake total 1150
Filling No.1
Corn flour 100 g
Water 80 g
Sugar powder 50 g
Condensed Milk 100 g
Cremfil 100 g
Gelatin 15 g
Milk 400 g
Creamy cream 500 g
Filling No.1 total 1345
Filling No.2
Carat White 225 g
Enthusiastic fruit puree 60 g
Neutral powder 80 g
Egg 125 g
Milk 60 g
Creamy cream 500 g
Rum 10 g
Filling No.2 total 1060
Harmony Subl 250 g
Miroir 100 g
Carat White 100 g
Decoration total 450

Working Method


1. Raw material A part of raw materials were mixed low speed for 1 minutes, then stirring at medium speed for 4 minutes.

2. Enter oven to bake, baking temperature rise 180 degrees, 180 degrees below fire, bake time 12 minutes.

3. Stuffing B: Raspberry fruit, milk, egg yolk added to 85 C into chocolate mix, cool to 45 Add model powder mix well, add rum, whipped cream mix well.

4. Boil milk, glucose syrup and fruit paste into chocolate and mix well. Add gelatin and stir until melted. Add specular pectin and mix well.

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