Christmas cheeses

g %
Strong flour 300
S500 Improver 3
Powdered milk 30
Salt 15
Egg 120
White suger 180
Water 100
Aristo Gold 120
Ultim Chocolate 200
total 1068
Intermediate dough
Strong flour 700
Yeast 10
White suger 20
Water 400
Intermediate dough total 1130

Working Method


1. The ingredients in the sponge dough formula are mixed with low speed for 1 minute. The fermentation temperature is 35 ℃, the humidity is 75 ℃, and the fermentation time is 50 minutes.

2.Put sponge dough in mixing tank, add main dough, water, sugar, improver, milk powder, high gluten powder, mix well, then add egg, mix to 6% gluten, then add salt, grease, Cremfil Ultim . Stir until the gluten expands completely.

3. Relax for 10 minutes, split into 60 grams, round, and then, relax about 15 minutes, shape up.

4. Wake up for 80 minutes, temperature is 35 ℃, relative humidity is 82%.

5. The ingredients in the decorative material formula with low-speed mixing 1 minute, high-speed 3 minutes. Relax for 30 minutes and fill in the oil.

6. Filling formula: all materials can be stirred evenly. Characteristics: cheese flavor is unique.

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