Cheese pudding bread

g %
Main dough
High gluten dough 150
White sugar 75
Honey 10
Yeast 2
Salt 5
Water 70
Powdered milk 20
Bos (tin) sf 25
Aristo Dairy Fat 25
Main dough total 382
Intermediate dough
High gluten dough 350
White suger 25
Yeast 5
Softr Bread Improver 3
Water 135
Egg 75
Intermediate dough total 593
Deli Cheesecake 200
Berry sugar 25
Milk 80
Filling total 305
Classic Topfil Blueberry 80
Topfil 20
Parsley 5
Decoration total 105

Working Method


1. Prepare the sponge dough well and set aside for 3 hours. Stir together all ingredients (Except the grease), low speed 2 minutes, high speed 4 minutes, add Aristo dairy fat, Bos shortening, low speed 2 minutes, high speed 3 minutes, until gluten is extended, the ideal temperature of dough is 28 ℃.

2. Stir the dough and divide it into 60 grams. Round and relax for 15 minutes. Roll the dough out (round) into the mold, press the egg tart mold in the middle, wake up.

3. Baking: top temperature is 200 ℃, bottom temperature is 190 ℃, bake for 8 minutes (pressed egg tart mold several times during baking)

4. Remove the egg tart mold, brush the egg liquid, pour the filling, bake 180 ℃ for 6 minutes.

5. The surface brushes brightly beautiful neutral pectin, squeezes the blueberry fruit filling and the orange fruit filling.

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