Japanese pineapple cake

g %
Aristo 250
sugar 370
Egg 325
Desiccted coconut 200
Almond powder 100
Low-gluten flour 185
Spido Powder 5
Acti Fresh Py 4
Cake total 1439
Pineapple 200
Filling total 200

Working Method


1. Mix oil and sugar powder first,  and then, add egg slowly, then add coconut (cooked) and almond powder (cooked). Mix well with low gluten powder and baking powder.

2. Squeeze part 1 into mould and garnish with candied pineapple slices, and then put them in oven. The top temperature is 170 ℃,  the bottom temperature is 170 ℃, baked about 30 minutes.

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