Passion mango cheese cake


Easy Satin Cream Cake 500 g
Water 100 g
Egg 350 g
Salad oil 100 g
Liquid-bos 100 g
Cake total 1150
Creamy cream 80 g
White suger 30 g
Yolk 40 g
Gelatin 10 g
Topfil 200 g
Delicheesecake 250 g
Creamy cream 250 g
Filling total 860
Enthusiastic fruit puree 120 g
White suger 40 g
Gelatin 5 g
Jelly total 165
Harmony Classic 125 g
Topfil 125 g
Gelatin 5 g
Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace 100 g
Decoration total 355

Working Method


1. Mix all the liquid parts of cake. Put Easy Satin Cream Cake Mix and stir for 2 minutes. Set temperature to 190 ℃/160℃ and bake for 14 minutes.

2. Filling: Passion fruit paste and sugar are boiled and dissolved. Add gelatin to dissolve at about 50℃. Pour into a 6 inch round mold (about 0.5 cm) and refrigerate.

3. Filling is separated from the mango flesh of Decoration. The flesh is reserved for mousse and the jam for decorative surface.

4.80 g cream and sugar are boiled until just boiling, add egg yolk to boiled into egg paste, frozen to 50℃.

5. Modelling: Put a layer of cake embryo (about 1 cm) into 400 grams of Mousse (about 1.5 cm) in a 7-inch circular mold, freeze for 10 minutes, spread the warm gel, then pour 450 grams of Mousse (1.5 cm) into the refrigerator and freeze until the mousse solidifies.

6. Gelatin is dissolved, mixed with pectin and mango sauce, poured on the solidified surface of mousse, and decorated with chocolate after stripping.

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