Main Dough
Strong Flour 800 g
White Sugar 160 g
Yeast 6 g
O-tentic 40 g
Salt 12 g
Dark Cocoa Powder 40 g
Sourdough 400 g
Cold Water 400 g
Mimetic Incorporation 60 g
Main Dough total 1918
Medium dough
Strong Flour 800 g
Yeast 6 g
White Sugar 160 g
Cold Water 640 g
Medium dough total 1606
Black Crisp 50 g
Filling total 50
Ultim Chocolate 100 g
Delicheesecake 100 g
Decoration total 200

Working Method


1. Evenly mix all the ingredients and place them for 50 minutes.

2. Mix the flour seed and the material of part A main dough (except grease) evenly at low speed, then stir at high speed until the dough expands. The ideal temperature of dough is 28 C.

3. Let the dough lax for 10 minutes, then divide, round and relax for 20 minutes.

4. Modeling, finally wake up for 100 minutes, the temperature is 35 degrees, and the relative humidity is 80%.

5. Baking temperature: 200 degrees above fire and 160 degrees below fire. The time is 12 minutes.

6. Decoration material production: mix the ingredients and mix it well.

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