My heart will go on


Butter 195 g
Belcolade White 350 g
Milk 75 g
Tea powder 15 g
Egg 250 g
Berry Sugar 200 g
Low-gluten Flour 135 g
Strong Flour 113 g
Nuts 200 g
Ingredient total 1533
Golden chips 50 g
Cremfil 30 g
Filling total 80
Belcolade White 300 g
Creamy cream 100 g
Tea powder 8 g
Glazing total 408

Working Method


1. Heat the butter, chocolate and milk powder with water and turn it on. Mix the eggs and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add the first part and mix well.

2. Sift the flour and mix well. Add the Kernel Nuts and mix well. Touch and bake. The fire is 180 degrees below the fire, 170 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes.

3. Heat the mixture and heat it evenly.

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