Macchiatto princess


Main Dough
Strong Flour 500 g
Panettone Mix 100 g
Softr Bread Improver 15 g
S500 Improver 5 g
Salt 12 g
Condensed Milk 60 g
Berry Sugar 150 g
Yeast 6
Milk 300 g
Mimetic Incorporation 150 g
Main Dough total 1298
Medium Dough
Strong Flour 500 g
Yeast 2 g
Egg 200 g
Milk 150 g
Medium Dough total 852
Cremfil 180 g
Espresso powder 3 g
Milk 15 g
Filling total 198
Strong Flour 2 g
Decoration total 2

Working Method


1. Mix all the raw materials of the medium seed dough evenly, put it into the refrigerator for 60 minutes to ferment for 12 hours.

2. Mix the main dough material (except Met oil) evenly at low speed, then at high speed until the gluten is expanded to 7% by adding Met oil until the gluten is fully expanded. The ideal temperature of the dough is 26 C.

3. Let the dough base start for 60 minutes, then split 50G / roll, and then lax for 20 minutes. Add the yogurt coffee filling and put it into the mold.

4. Finally, it will last for 60 minutes, with a temperature of 35 degrees and a relative humidity of 80%.

5. Baking temperature: 180 degrees above fire and 210 degrees below fire. The time is 25 minutes.

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