Love Tower


Red Velvet Cake Mix 350 g
Egg 500 g
Milk 100 g
Cake Emulsifier 20 g
Salad Oil 100 g
Ingredient total 1070
Topfil 200 g
Filling total 200
Belcolade Dark 500 g
Salad Oil 400 g
Nuts 200 g
Decoration total 1100

Working Method


1. Stir the milk, eggs and premix powder in A part for 2 minutes, and last 2 minutes.

2. The baking temperature is up to 190 degrees, the fire is 150 degrees, and the bake time is 16 minutes.

3. After the cake is cool, the mango meat stuffed in the middle is rolled into egg rolls.

4. Melt the chocolate of the decorating material, add salad oil, stir the fragrant kernel and mix well.

5. Pour melted chocolate on the surface of the egg roll, cut it up and decorate with the chocolate.

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