Red velvet chocolate pie


Red Velvet Cake Mix 400 g
Egg 100 g
Aristo 240 g
Sugar powder 120 g
Low-gluten flour 140 g
Cake total 1000
Creamy cream 500 g
Milk 140 g
yolk 60 g
White suger 30 g
Belcolade Dark 250 g
Pistachio nuts 200 g
Filling total 1180
Carat Coverliq 100 g
Cocoa powder 5 g
Decoration total 105

Working Method

Cake working method

1. Mix fermented cream and sugar powder at low speed for 2 minutes, add eggs and mix well, add red velvet cake premix powder and sifted low powder. Freeze for 2 hours.

2. Take the frozen dough out and unfreeze it and roll it into thin mold.

3. Set up temperature is 170 ℃/ 140 ℃ and bake for 20 minutes.  

Filling working method

1. Egg yolk mixed with sugar. Add milk and water until heated to 80 ℃.


2. Melted chocolate with hot water and added to the top, stirring evenly.

3. Creamy cream to 70%, then add the pistachio nut powder and mix well and refrigerate for 1 hours.


4. Wiped the mountain peak with a spatula and sprinkled with pistachio nuts.


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