Coconut Love


Main Dough
Low-gluten flour 1000 g
White Sugar 100 g
Yeast 10 g
Baking Powder 5 g
Powdered Milk 30 g
Cold Water 200 g
Red Velvet Cake Mix 40 g
Coconut Milk 280 g
Main Dough total 1665
Cremfil 120 g
Powdered Milk 30 g
Water 40 g
White Sugar 60 g
Mochi Bread Mix 150 g
Roasted Peanut Crumb 50 g
Filling total 450

Working Method


1: Mix the filling B (except peanuts) well, steamed thoroughly, and mix well with the peanuts.

2: Mix all materials (except velvet) slowly for 5 minutes before starting the cylinder. Cut 300 grams and add purple velvet slowly for 2 minutes. The surface temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius.

3: The two kinds of color surfaces are pressed 20-25 times respectively, in a smooth and delicate state, and then the two kinds of surfaces are stacked and pressed once. Cut the noodles 3 times in succession.

4: Cut about 1 centimeters thick, roll the sweet potato filling. The temperature is 35 degrees, the relative humidity is 85%, and the temperature is 45 minutes.

5: Steaming temperature: 95 degrees Celsius. The time is 13 minutes.

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