Chestnut Bread


Main Dough
Strong Flour 300 g
White Sugar 140 g
Yeast 10 g
S500 Improver 5 g
Salt 12 g
Powdered Milk 40 g
Egg 100 g
Honey 20 g
Cold Water 100 g
Mimetic Incorporation 100 g
Main Dough total 827
Middle Dough
Strong Flour 550 g
Softgrain 150 g
Yeast 1 g
Egg 50 g
White Sugar 20 g
Cold Water 330 g
Middle Dough total 1101
Softgrain 100 g
Walnut 100 g
Mimetic Incorporation 50 g
Powdered Sugar 25 g
Filling total 275
White Short 100 g
Unsalted Butter 50 g
Red Velvet Cake Mix 100 g
Walnut 50 g
Carat White 120 g
Carat White 20 g
Decoration total 440

Working Method


1. Mix all the raw materials of flour seeds evenly and place them in a 6 C refrigerator for 12-15 hours.

2. Mix the flour seed and the main dough (except grease) evenly at low speed, then stir at high speed until the dough expands. The ideal temperature of the dough is 28 C.

3. Let the dough relax for 15 minutes, then divide, round and relax for 20 minutes.

4. Stuffing, the final wake-up 100 minutes, the wake-up temperature 35 C, the relative humidity 80%.

5. Baking temperature: 120 on fire, 160 on fire. The time is 9 minutes.


6. Stuffing formula: whisk oil and sugar powder together, add soft cereals of Roast Road, yoghurt and fast-food cheese stuffing together and mix evenly.


Decorative formula:

7. Whisk snow-white butter for 2 minutes, add light cream, bright orange velvet guaranteed premix powder and mix well.

8. Baking temperature: 210, 160. The time is 9 minutes.

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