Cheese Sandwich with High calcium


Main Dough
Strong Flour 1000 g
Water 550 g
O-tentic 70 g
Salt 20 g
Sugar 50 g
Powdered Milk 20 g
Butter 50 g
Main Dough total 1760
Cheese with High calcium 100 g
Bacon 60 g
Curry salad dressing 15 g
Romaine Lettuce 30 g
Baked almond slices 10 g
Filling total 215

Working Method


1. Mix the dry material in the formula evenly, add water, stir the gluten until it is fully expanded, and the ideal dough temperature is 28 degrees. The dough was laid aside for 30 minutes and divided into 80 g/dough to form. Fermentation temperature 36 degrees, relative humidity 75%, time 75 minutes.

2. The baking temperature is 200 degrees higher and 200 degrees lower. Time: 12 minutes.

3. Fold the filling according to the formula.

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