White Short

Easy to operate and good images of finish goods.

  • Pleasant milk flavor
  • White colour, appropriate hardness, good water absorption, has the good send sex and the operation
  • The finished product is lubricated and the mouth melts.
Customer advantages
  • Simple operation
  • Stable and reliable quality
  • Have unique health elements
  • Unique taste, suitable for the production of health products
Consumer advantages
  • Unique vegetable flavor, healthy taste
  • Full of fiber and vitamin content

Thanks to our advanced technology and worldwide production lines, Puratos is active in the international margarine market since 1988, and has been developing a range of high quality margarine to satisfy customers' variour needs for baking. Using Puratos' margarine, to mmet your demand for high quality!

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Innovation is our greatest asset and our unique selling point which is confirmed when you look back at our rich history.

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