Skimo Frozen Dough

Frozen baguette

Comprehensive frozen dough improver.

  • Suitable for unfermented frozen dough
  • Extend the shelf life of frozen dough to 3 months
  • Maintain good gluten expansibility and tolerance of dough
  • Approximate volume and structure with direct method
  • Maintain good network and air quality during fermentation and baking
  • Add 2% to 4% of flour
Customer advantages
  • Guarantees constant & premium product quality: S500 provides outstanding volume & regular shape to baked products
  • A unique versatility:Adapted for any kind of process: direct, retarded fermentation, long fermentation, short freezing, …
  • Applicable in any yeast raised product: crusty & soft rolls, white & wholemeal breads, croissants, …
  • Adapted for all flour qualities
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness of baked products

Improvers designed for semi-finished bakery products that require a bake-off at the point of sales.

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