Red Velvet Cake Mix

Attractive red velvet color, famous pastry

  • The finished product is naturally attractive, with fragrant rose fragrance, fine texture and smooth texture.Easy to use,ensure the stable quality of finished products
  • Using the Puratos' technology: Anti-fresh, which can effectively prolongs the freshness of the finished product
Customer advantages
  • The color is rich and attractive
  • Easy to use
  • Can significantly extend the shelf life of finished products

Red Velvet Cake is a popular All- American cake with a red colour. When white icing is used, as is often the case, the red colour is even more pronounced. "Velvet" is a refference to its silky soft smooth texture.A Red velvet cake is a cke with a dark red bright red or red-brown colour. Legend in the 18th century, the red velvet cake became popular in restaurants in New York City because of its distinguished dazzling red colour and soft texture, slimy taste. Later this indulgent patisserie spread to various countries, now red valvet cakes cater weddings parties and corporate events.

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