Muffin Cake Mix

It is suitable for making muffin cakes, easy to operate, convenient to use, and good price performance.

  • Suitable for making all kinds of muffins
  • Easy to operate and easy to use
  • The product is cost-effective
Customer advantages
  • Simple operation
  • Suitable for all kinds of raw materials
Consumer advantages
  • The skin is crisp and delicious, and soft inside

As your innovative reliable partner, Puratos is committed to provide you easy to use, consistent quality, and most importantly great tasting products. From classic English pound cakes, to golden soft sponge cakes, our professional technical and R&D team offers innovative recipes and products that aligns with the market trends. Consumers nowadys are looking for more healthy and great tasting foods.Suitable for making all kinds of muffins,Easy to operate and easy to use,The product is cost-effective;

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