Excellent performance of liquid shortening.

  • High quality cake special oil makes the cake bigger and more soft and delicate
  • The finished product has golden color, and the milk flavor is naturally rich
Customer advantages
  • Starting fast and lasting, easy to make
  • The finished product is soft and natural golden in color.
Consumer advantages
  • Milk flavor is natural and rich
  • Golden appearance
  • Soft melting

Thanks to our advanced technology and worldwide production lines, Puratos is active in the international margarine market since 1988, and has been developing a range of high quality margarine to satisfy customers' variour needs for baking. Using Puratos' margarine, to mmet your demand for high quality!

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Aristo Margarines are 100% high-quality vegetable margarines, designed specifically to meet the needs of laminated products such as croissants and danishes.

Micram Benefits

Easier to help to improve the texture of the bread.


Mimetic is a new generation of fat that allows chefs to create superior quality croissants, danishes, and puff pastry products with the traditional French viennoiserie touch.

Aristo Dairy Fat

Butter milk flavour with great taste

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Innovation is our greatest asset and our unique selling point which is confirmed when you look back at our rich history.

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