Japanese Steam Cake Mix

Delicious and health with "steamed"

  • Concentrated cake mix powder, can be used to make various flavors of Japanese steamed cake products
  • The cake finished product organization is uniform, the quality is excellent, the taste is exquisite
  • According to different application formula, adjust the specific dosage
Customer advantages
  • Japanese flavor, Japanese taste
  • Steamed flavor, great feeling
Consumer advantages
  • The palate is delicate and fluffy
  • Unique Janpanese flavor

AS your innovative reliable partner, Puratos is committed to provide you easy to use, consistent quality and most importantly great tasting products. Our professional technical and R&D team offers innovative recipes and products that aligns with the market trends. Consumers nowadays are looking for more healthy and great tasting foods. Puratos have incorporated the "Great Taste & Wellness" concept into our cake mixes range, satisfying taste buds and their aspirations for health.

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