Dark Rye Multigrain Bread Mix

The real need of the body, food is not a stumbling block to a good figure.

  • Contains grains and seeds such as rye, oats and sunflower seeds
  • Rich in taste and unique flavor
  • It is suitable for making all kinds of European bread, and is the ideal raw material for creative soft bread
Customer advantages
  • Easy-to-use for artisans and industrial bakers
  • Complete concept: supported by research, legal requirements of the consignee, providing information including retail packaging label
  • Help you become an expert in healthy baking products
  • Update the scope of application and increase the brand name
Consumer advantages
  • Rich in healthy elements
  • Natural taste

A range of bakery goods that helps consumers to manage their healthy lifestyle.Dark rye breads are-Rich in fibres-Limited in salt amount-Reduced in fat and/or sugar if it concerns rich bakery products-Supported by communication based on nutritional facts-With a taste approved by sensorial analysis with consumer

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