A concentrated powdery flavor with a San Francisco style.

  • Nature fermented flavor
  • It can be used directly in the dough instead of the traditional dough.It is easy to produce flavors that require complex and long-lasting fermentation.Can improve the freshness of the product
  • Can enhance baking stability
Description: Sapore Medea Bag 25 Kg EU
  • Product code: 4100593
  • Packaging: BAG 25.0 KG
  • Shelf life: 456 Days
  • Palletisation: EU500.0KG
  • EAN Code: 5410687008056
Customer advantages
  • Easily expand your product category
  • The finished product has the differentiation of natural fermentation
  • Make bread more flavor, improve texture and maintain consistency
  • Namely, ready to use, wide applicability
Consumer advantages
  • Long time fermented bread flavor

Medea is a toasted dried wheat sourdough with a strong wheat taste. It is ideal to obtain the typical San Francisco bread flavour. It is used for bread applications, such s whole meal bread and multigrain breads and also sweet dough applications such as briocjhe, viennoiserie, Danish.The origin of San Francisco sourdough goes back to the Californian gold Rush of 1849. Some of the french immigrants who came seeking their fortune started to make bread.With their long experience working with sourdoughs in France, but under the influence of local airborne micro organisms, they made a sponge dough whic became the San Francisco Sourdough bread.It is a white bread characterized by a pronounced sourness so much so that the dominant strain of lactobacillus in sourdough started was named Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis

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