Creamy and comforting with just a hint of crunch, cheesecake is the ultimate desert

  • A unique product specifically developped to allow you to make the real New-York cheesecake
  • Pimp your cheesecake with fruits, chocolate,... what your creativity tells you
  • A ready to use cheesecake base containing 30% of real fresh cheese
Description: Deli Cheese cake CAR 4x5 Kg
  • Product code: 4003823
  • Packaging: BAG 5.0 KG
  • Shelf life: 182 Days
  • Palletisation: EU500.0KG
Description: Puratos Deli Cheesecake Car 8 x 1.5Kg
  • Product code: 4005358
  • Packaging: KAR 12.0 KG
  • Shelf life: 182 Days
  • Palletisation: EU480.0KG
Customer advantages
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy-to-bake
  • Consistent quality
  • Endless possibilities born of great versatility
Consumer advantages
  • The taste of authentic New York style cheesecake
  • Rich ingredients delivering premium taste

Creamy and comforting with just a hint of crunch, cheesecake is the ultimate desert.Inspired by a traditional New York recipe, Deli Cheesecake is the first ready-to-use cheesecake base containing 30% cream cheese and eggs, ensuring that every cheesecake is a success.Delivering consistent quality, it is ready-to-use and easy- to-bake, without the need for water baths or long baking times. And yet Deli Cheesecake still lets you experiment and create your very own signature cheesecake, unique in taste, texture and design

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