Coldfil Banana

Coldfil is a special product of baked goods, no need to process, easy to operate.

  • No need to process, bright color , fruit flavor
  • It is suitable for the surface decoration of tarts, batches, cakes and bread, especially for the surface decoration of birthday cake.
Description: Puratos Coldfil Banana Car 4 X 5Kg
  • Product code: 4106545
  • Packaging: BUC 5.0 KG
  • Shelf life: 365 Days
  • Palletisation: EU1000.0KG
Customer advantages
  • Strong baking ability
  • Maintain the original shape and color of the baking products.Natural fruity flavor
Consumer advantages
  • Beautiful natural appearance

Coldfil is a characteristic product of baked goods, no need to process, easy to operate. Apply to tart, batch, cake, bread surface decoration.

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